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A New Phase of Life after Kidney Transplant Surgery in India

Nigerian Patient Kidney Transplant Surgery Experience India

Mr. Abubakar Abdullahi Jama was mournful due to high constant fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. He felt that it was normal but the problem occurred when he noticed abdominal pain, itching, and rashes. Gradually he had trouble in sleeping and excessive urine flow. The symptoms were eventually terrifying.

His brother Mr. Juma Mohammed Elhaji took him to a doctor nearby and discussed these symptoms. The doctor told them that these indications might be considered as the sign of a serious kidney problem. It might be kidney failure too.

One of the doctors they visited in Nigeria put forward the name of India Organ Transplant in India as he himself believes that India has comparatively high scope and competitive medical advantages. The brother connected with the consultants there in India, shared all the reports of his brother, and did show his urgency for kidney transplant of his brother.

India Organ Transplant consultants discussed the entire scenario with them and further advised them to visit India for the surgery. The expert team gave all the possible support and guidance with travel bookings and visa approval. Further, on their visit to India, the team helped them with relaxed landing. They provided them a vehicle service for their pick and drop from airport to their accommodation and to the hospital. The team had also scheduled the appointment with the concerned doctor.

They visited the transplant center, as the patient needed full health evaluation that was done by the transplant team. Before such kind of surgery, the patient is being observed fully whether he is physically fit for surgery or not. The transplant team did several health tests and examined Mr. Juma. The tests included blood and tissue type tests, Prostate Exam, heart and lung exam, kidney and liver tests, Colonoscopy, and tests for HIV and hepatitis. These tests were done to check whether Mr. Abubakar Abdullahi Jama body was fit for the transplant or not.

The team studied the reports and he was privileged that they decided to go for the surgery procedure. The next step for them was to help him find a kidney match and luckily that was done soon.

The transplant team decided the day for the surgery and prescribed Mr. Juma some of the medications that were vital for preoperational treatment. Those medications went on for around two to three days.

This kind of surgery raises the question of life and death. Mr. Juma and his brother were extremely anxious about what was going to happen. The prayers were being sent to God unceasingly.

Finally, the day had come when Mr. Juma was going to get new kidneys. The surgery took a little long time. His brother waiting outside the operation theatre was in deep fear. He was sitting with his hands joined and chanting some prayers. That time was very tough to spend for him. He managed to control his emotions and waited for the doctor patiently.

The transplant team was cheerful when they came out, as the surgery was fruitful. Mr. Abubakar Abdullahi Jama had to remain under strict observation for two days. Those two days went with post-operational treatment held by the staff. The Juma Brothers were blissful when they left.

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