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Kidney Transplant Surgery Experience

Mr. Abubakar Abdullahi Jam, Nigeria

A New Phase of Life after Kidney Transplant Surgery India

Mr. Abubakar Abdullahi Jama was mournful due to high constant fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. He felt that it was normal but the problem occurred when he noticed abdominal pain, itching, and rashes... Read More

Liver Transplant Experience

Fatima, Saudi Arabia

Satisfying Patients Trust for Liver Transplant Surgery in India

Miles apart, the land of Saudi Arabia reveals a live testimony to our success story with all our initiatives to leverage the power of medical care with a 100% successful liver transplant surgery.... Read More

kidney transplant experience

Joy, Uganda

Showcasing the Impeccable Expertise for Kidney Transplant Surgery

A countless number of kidney transplant surgeries flawlessly accomplished at India Organ Transplant brilliantly reflects our success stories. One such case is of a 50 years old man from landlocked country of Uganda, Joy... Read More

bone marrow transplant experience

Mohamed Tamim bin Abdullah, Qatar

A Fresh New Life to the Patient Suffering from Bone Marrow

This is a story of distress and pain residing in Qatar. There lived a happy-go-lucky family full of positivity, energy, and sparkle to live life to the fullest. Amidst this beauty of life, one day an entirely peaceful... Read More

heart transplant experience

Yasin Ahmed, Iraq

Providing a New Lease of Life with Inventive Heart Transplant Surgery

It was just another ordinary day for the 49-year-old man in Iraq when he suddenly felt some palpitation after coming back from the night walk with his wife. At first, he thought... Read More

lung transplant experience

Aashna Pillai, Mumbai

Unwinding the Tangles of Lost Hopes with a Flawless Lung Transplant Surgery

One of the success stories of lung transplant in India is residing in the heart of the country, Mumbai... Read More

eye transplant experience

Shelly, Australia

Giving Your Soul a Window to the World with Successful Cornea Transplant Surgery

“Eyes are the mirror to the soul and a window to the world around you”. This is a well-known fact with because eyes are one such organ of the human body through which the world sees your innermost character and you see the world around you... Read More