Organ transplant is nothing but a medical procedure wherein the doctors deals with replacing the dysfunctional and flawed organ with the healthy one donated by any patient. The donated organs can be from a person close to the patient from the same place, or it can be even be transported from other place. We have seen examples of people getting the organs from other places. The example in South India by carrying heart to Chennai hospital from other place by a local policeman has been an inspiring example for the same. The organ transplant surgery in India has been attracting the global patients far and wide for the reason that they get high quality healthcare services with much of the affordable cost. Let’s dig in deep to get into the crux of the same as under:

Types of Organ Transplant

The Organ Transplant in India can be carried out for a wide range of body parts or organs. These include the organs like heart, kidney, liver, thymus, intestine, and many more body parts that have been the part and parcel of these surgeries. However, the brain cannot be transplanted for the reason that these remain the tissues and are hard to transplant. The kidney transplant is regarded as the most common one in the organ transplant in India and then comes the liver transplant. Also, the cornea and musculoskeletal grafts that are often known as the transplanted ones. This specialization is often the toughest ones in the medical sciences, since these can also have rejection from the body. there are examples when we have seen people going for the organ transplant but failed to get rid of their problem due to the rejection coming from the bodies. Hence at times it becomes jackpot kind of experience since it may or may not work for one or the other patient.

The Organs and Tissues transplanted

When it comes to organ transplant in India, there are several body parts. The following are the organs transplanted common as per the type of the body portions, which are as under:

  • The Chest – For the chest, the organs like the heart and lung are the common body parts to be transplanted.
  • Abdomen – For the abdomen one can find a wide range of body parts to be transplanted, which include liver, kidney, the stomach, intestine, testis, and pancreas.
  • Tissues, cells and fluids – For these the body organs like Hand, Cornea, Skin for skin and face, Bone marrow, Heart Valve, Blood Vessels, bone, blood parts transfusion, and other.

The Cost of Common Organ Transplant in India

When it comes to the organ transplant in India, it is regarded an affordable place, which attract the global patients far and wide. The fact is with affordability one can get high quality healthcare services especially when you compare it with the US and the UK. For instance, the liver transplant surgery in India cost is around 10,000 USD, while the procedure is carried out in the US and the UK at the cost of 55,000 and 65,000 USD respectively. The kidney transplant surgery cost in India is 12,000 USD, while teh bone marrow transplant cost is 20,000 USD in India and the Eye transplant surgery in India cost is 2000 USD.

Why Choose Us Organ Transplant in India

The global patients when comes to India looks for two factors, quality healthcare services and affordable cost. This combination is only available with us. It can be obtained with us to get the best of the organ transplant in India as the healthcare packages with us are highly affordable. We have the best healthcare services for the patient, right from helping the global patient to get the medical visa to things like arranging the local transport, the food and managing the entire organ transplant in India.


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