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Unwinding the Tangles of Lost Hopes with a Flawless Lung Transplant Surgery

lung transplant experience
Aashna Pillai

One of the success stories of lung transplant in India is residing in the heart of the country, Mumbai. Being a working person and traveling long routes from one end of the city to another, the 46-year-old woman and her family could never imagine that something that began with minimal joint pains could indicate the presence of severe lung disease in her body.Though she had been feeling temporary relieved with the painkillers, her sudden weight loss and frequent shortness of breath made her husband and daughter worry about her health, and that is when they consulted a physician.The doctor ran a few tests and gave temporary medication to soothe her symptoms. It was only after a few hours when the reports came that they discovered the real cause of her sufferings. She was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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The doctor advised them to consult a lung specialist by the earliest possible as there could be a probability that she needed a lung transplant. The family started to explore options for best lung transplant surgeons across the city. After lots of researches, evaluation, and short listing of the best lung specialists, the family decided to go with the viewpoint of a friend’s recommendation to India Organ Transplant. Her friend stated of her incredible experience with the team last year when she visited them for the kidney transplant of her mother. The family connected with the team and shared all the medical reports. Further to that, the group of doctors and specialist evaluated the medical reports and also performed various tests to assess her financial, social and psychological status and to cross verify whether the lady is mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for the transplant. After almost 50 days of evaluations by different committees of the transplant center, her name was listed on the regional and national organ recipient list.

Meanwhile, she was on her medication to ensure that her symptoms do not get more severe. If you asked her and her family, they would describe that period of 5 months after she was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis as the most struggling period as there were times when she could not even get out of bed for days at a stretch that made her work and house responsibilities suffer.

Her husband and son were in continuous touch with the transplant center executives to know the status of the waiting list, but then there were strict rules for selection of the priority patients from the list. However, they had to wait for more than five months before they finally received a call regarding a suitable lung transplant donor.

The next morning as suggested by the executive, the family came down to the best lung transplant hospital in the city with special assistance from our team for a comfortable pick-up and drop to the hospital. All the necessary paperwork and other formalities were completed, and then the surgery was undertaken that particular evening.

It feels rewarding to look at her smiling face every time she enters the hospital premises for follow-ups. Her life has gone back to her normal routine without even a hint of any disease or serious after-effects.


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